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I seriously doubt I have any stalkers, but just in case anyone has been following this guy or is interested in doing so...

Enoch's game, Meridian, has decided to move to Dreamwidth. The move will be completed on January 15th. I'll still be updating his activity log on both sides and may participate with this journal in LJ-side open memes.

Further activity will take place at [community profile] meridianrpg [community profile] towerofanimus with [personal profile] warriorscribe, and I'll be adding the links to each activity piece's DW mirror soon. Anything not strictly RP-related will still be crossposted.

Journal Of Meridian, book 2

((OOC: Okay, the LJ crosspost got to be too large, so let's start a new one!

Last update: Finished on March 1, 2013

Previous book is here.))

Under here because this will be long, too.Collapse )

Journal of Meridian

((OOC note: OH MY GOD WHY IS YOUR WRITING STYLE SO RIDICULOUS ENOCH. Here is my best attempt at mimicking the style of the Book of Enoch; but as if Enoch expected to show it to someone literate, meaning he wouldn't be using many of the oral-repetition mnemonic devices except for moments of ingrained habit. This style is prone to run-on sentences and not starting a new line for a new direct-quote speaker argh so frustrating.

Last update: Out of space. New journal here.))

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Who: Enoch and Armaros
When: Day 57, morning
Where: His and Armaros's home
What: After a solid day of trekking north to the forest and gathering firewood there, Enoch finally returns home.

You sure this shouldn't be a log?Collapse )

Meridian Status and Log

Intro Date: Day 33, afternoon
Current Day: Day 139
Elapsed Time: 3 months, 3 weeks, 1 day
Weapon: Arch
Armor State: Full
Boost Level: 6
Mark: Opportunity
Non-initial Possessions:
  • [Pocket] Business Card: A card for a clothing store. Armaros has written "My hero" on the back.

Notes: Confined to the east side of the city. Housemates with Armaros, on the southern east side near the center ravine/wall.

Activity Log:

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*The letter is left next to the fourth wall for all to see, but only to those that would come this close. It's for his mun to see before other posts push it down.*

My Mundane,

You understand at last.

I love them. It matters not what shape that love takes.

What matters is exactly as you have said: That they mean the world to me, that I would fight and die for them.

Whatever else that love is remains to be seen. But it is love, first and foremost, and nothing less.

You wondered why I never disapproved of the activities of what you call "fandom" regarding myself and these two. This is why:

It matters not whether the work is sexual, friendly, or romantic in tone. It is a celebration of my bond with that person, whichever they choose, as the creator sees it.

Such a thing is worth celebrating.

Your muse,

Analysis: Chapter 9

I've mentioned Enoch's "doubts" in several places now without really elaborating. Chapter 9, though this particular Enoch hasn't reached it yet, is vital to his characterization prior.

cut for chapter 4, 7-9 spoilersCollapse )

Backstory Fic: "Formative"

Was originally intended to be from Enoch's POV, framed as one of the few memories of his childhood that hadn't been forgotten. And then it wound up in Jared's POV, negating the significance of it being a memory. Oops!

Also intended as a focus on the start of his catchphrase, wound up with a lot more than that, which I should have seen coming.

I apologize in advance for any failure of facts.

Under here!Collapse )

Backstory fic, "Set In Motion"

Yeah, it's kind of rushed. I wrote it quickly to get the idea out of my head, pretty much, but figured it might make for good self-reference. Plus a friend requested a feel-good fic so. Hope you enjoy despite the obvious signs of hasty writing!


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--Global Permissions--

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourth-Walling: Yes for all canons
Mind Reading: Sure. If you're looking for a particular type of memory, contact me and I'll see what I can hand you.
Maiming: Yes, but I would appreciate it if you left writing out the actual damage up to me. (Don't worry, I won't use this as an excuse to have him avoid all harm. I love making my muses suffer.)
Death: Only if there is a means of revival handy, contact me first!

See anything here I'm missing? Have a problem with something here? Feel free to comment and tell me so.

Basic Information

----Basic Stats----


Name: Enoch
Gender: Male
Species: Human (He might sense as slightly angelic to people who can sense such things)
Age: 35 physically, 335~400 chronologically (he's lost track)


Current Chapter: 7
Current Weapon: Arch


Double-Jump: Enoch can jump off the air as if it was solid ground once. After that, his feet must touch solid ground again before he can repeat it.

  • Attack Suspension: Related, when Enoch is in the motion of attacking while in midair, he is suspended until the attack ends, at which point he resumes falling as normal.

Purification: Enoch can purify something tainted by the product of Hell("The Darkness"), called vileness. His hands must hover about an inch over the tainted surface unobstructed, and purification requires a continuous movement. All effects of purification are lost if he is interrupted during the process.

Rapid-Fire Recovery: In the game, when Enoch is about to die, the player can quickly press the input buttons to revive him with a few pieces of his armor (his health being measured by the state of his armor). This becomes more and more difficult to pull off the more it's used. In most games, this will be limited to once per thread/other system of measurement if kept at all.

Arch Glide (Weapon-based): As long as he has his Arch with him, he can use it like a parachute of sorts to slow his descent in the air.


Community: meridian_rpg
Special Conditions:
Inherent: Mark of Opportunity - enhanced luck
Environmental: None
Injuries/Illness: None
Event/Other: N/A

Character SectionCollapse )

This writeup is always a work in progress. If you find anything wrong with it or anything you'd like me to add, feel free to comment.

OOC Contact

Want to leave a message but don't feel like sending a PM? Leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.


No problem.  Everything's fine.
Enoch, son of Jared


Enoch is a scribe from...well, let's say a very long time ago. Pre-Flood, if there even will be a Flood in his world. Enoch is out to stop it, and he's got the strength and willpower to succeed.

But for now, it looks like this warrior-scribe is on a forced vacation to some other place here on LJ.

The title of this module links to his game's official site, where you can find more information about him (including appearance), and the people he knows. Additionally, there are links below for further information and contact for both Enoch and his mun.
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